I've been painting for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I was extremely shy and would lose myself in my art for hours. Well, I'm all grown up and no longer that shy kid, but the creative child is still in me and I love when she comes out to play!

I studied Commercial Art at Tampa Technical Institute right after High School. I then went on to get a Bachelors Degree in Communications with a minor in Fine Art from The University of South Florida. I've found the combination of Communications and Art to be helpful as a big portion of what I do is communicating with my clients, asking lots of questions, and LISTENING to what you have to say so I can bring your visions to life.  

I started Falconi Designs in 2003 when my sister in law asked if I would paint my newborn nephew a mural for his nursery. I'd never painted a mural before and felt overwhelmed by the scope of the project. But, I accepted the challenge and painted a mural that wrapped around the whole room. She showed it off to her friends and neighbors and I started getting calls to paint more murals. I thought, Hey, I can make a living off my passion! I decided to dive right in and that's when Falconi Designs was born.

Since then, I've painted well over 1000 murals. I look at every single project with fresh eyes and consider each one, no matter how large or small, to be unique and personal. I tailor each design to meet your individual needs. I hope you can see the passion and love I bring to my artwork and I really look forward to hearing from you and beginning this magical process!

~Rosie Falconi/Greater Atlanta Muralist

Atlanta Muralist Rosie Falconi

Atlanta Muralist Rosie Falconi